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The Taught Curriculum

We aim to meet the needs of all pupils in the school by providing a broad and balanced curriculum where all children can experience success and build on their strengths. Our curriculum is carefully adapted to the needs within each class to ensure children are motivated learners who are keen to do well.

The National Curriculum and our own curriculum statement give us the framework of what is to be taught and it is within this framework that we organise our own curriculum.

Whilst we realise the prime importance of English and Maths within the primary school, they are taught in every class each morning, we also feel that children need a more rounded education. At Pilgrims’ we therefore teach a range of subjectsin our wider curriculum, including philosophy and coding .

We set targets for the children and the school in English and Maths and review progress on a termly basis (six times a year).

Children are taught Religious Education in line with the Kent Agreed Syllabus.

The new National Curriculum

The Department for Education has recently published the final version of the new National Curriculum which, as an Academy, we have the option of teaching from September 2014.

The Village Academy currently follows the National Curriculum, with our own carefully designed schemes of work based on this developed to meet the needs of the children in each school. We intend to continue this approach, however we are mindful that switching to a new curriculum requires careful planning and resourcing to ensure that we maintain our current high standards.

With this in mind, the Village Academy will continue with the existing curriculum for the academic year 2014/15 before adopting a new curriculum in September 2015. This timetable fits in with the government’s testing arrangements; new end of Key Stage tests (SATs) to match the new curriculum will not be introduced until summer 2016. The following table summarises our timescales:

Academic Year:

Curriculum to be followed by Village Academy:

Y2/Y6 SATs based on:


Existing national curriculum

Existing national curriculum


Existing national curriculum

Existing national curriculum


New national curriculum

New national curriculum

The Kent Test and any preparation for it is unaffected by the curriculum changes.

The Curriculum Subjects