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Year 6 Swordfish & Dolphin

Welcome to year 6!

Please visit the link below to see what we are doing this week.

Year 6 week 3

Year 6 week 2

Year 6 week 1

This term we shall be going 'Around the World in 80 days' as our topic.

We are beginning in Scotland and using facts about the culture, landscape and history to create fact files for English. Have a look at us working hard!

We will also be locating Scotland on a map and labelling different cities and landmarks in Topic.

This is our Travel Agent to help us get from place to place.

Science will mean we get to learn about different Scottish inventors, beginning with Alexander Graham Bell and the telephone. Last week we managed to create a telephone exchange just like John Logie Baird did when he was 12!

During maths we will be cementing our knowledge in decimals and using them in various different contexts.

Friday: P.E.-Swordfish

Forest School - Dolphin

Wednesday: P.E -Dolphin

Please have the correct kit in school on the correct days.

Kingswood is fast approaching so please make sure you are paying your instalments with the office.


Miss Hager and Mrs Webb