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Clubs & Wider Opportunities

At Pilgrims’ Way we are very proud of the range of activities we offer beyond the normal school day. Each term we provide a range of free after school clubs for all different age groups. Here are some of the clubs that we have run this year.

    • Jewellery Making
    • Film Club
    • Sewing - see picture below of the Easter egg cosies that we have made.

Easter egg cosies

    • Football
    • Multi-skills
    • Pilgrimz
    • Cooking
    • Basketball
    • Art
    • Dodge ball
    • Homework
    • ICT
    • Recorder

Breakfast and Tea Time Club

In response to requests from our parents we have begun to extend the school day by introducing an “Breakfast” club at the start of the day from 8am, and a “Tea Time Club” until 5.00pm, where children can be supported to do their homework. Both these clubs run from Monday to Friday, and carry a small cost per session to parents.