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Welcome to Monkey Class

We are really excited about the new term. We looking forward to getting to know each other, making new friends and learning how to share our toys, resources, adults and classroom together. We have lots of exciting ideas and plans for this term but as ever, it is all about what the children are interested in and excited by. Throughout each week key workers work closely with their children to develop activities to support individual interests. Through these interactions and close observations we plan and deliver 'next steps' at the right level for each and every child. The children's ˜Learning Journals' are added to weekly and the whole class learning journey is added to throughout the term making learning visible to all.


Can we please remind you that we do get messy in nursery so please send your children in appropriate clothing. We also access the outdoor environment everyday so wellies and coats are essential.


Week 1 05.09.18 Getting to Know Me

We will spent time getting to know the environment, adults and our peers through a range of child initiated activities. Children will begin to choose their key adults ready for sorting into key groups at the end of next week. The key groups this year will be called:

Orang-utan- Mrs Bolt, Gorilla- Paije and Chimpanzee- Radha




Week 2 10.09.18 - Me and My Friends

This week we will use the story ˜The Rainbow Fish'.

We will use the story to help the children to start to think about sharing and caring and how our actions and what we say make others feel. We will look at all of the colours in the story and begin to create some artwork to display in the nursery. We will use musical instruments to support our speaking and listening sessions and explore mark making in a variety of ways. We will also begin to explore the outside areas of the nursery.


We have had great fun exploring the colours of the rainbow fish today. The children loved getting the ˜squishy" paint on their hands, mixing it together through their fingers and ˜splatting" the paint onto the paper.











We have also loved exploring our new herb kitchen. We have made ˜herb soup", ˜pebble pie" and had fun pouring, sieving and patting as we play. 





The children have already learnt the nursery rules about sitting at the tables and eating with a knife and fork. They have already started to clear their own plates and know how to tidy up after lunch. They really have done a super job and are very quickly becoming increasingly independent.




Week 3 17.09.18 "Oracy" Week. Pirate themed - whole school event

This week will be very much about the children's own interests around 'pirates' and the sea. We will share lots of pirate stories and ideas with the children. There will also be lots of water play and messy activities. We will have dress up days and themed activities all week. Please see the school newsletter for updates.





WOW! We had such a busy week being pirates! We had an actual pirate come to visit us and sing us a song. We shared some wonderful books and stories about pirate adventures and even read a story about 'golden underpants' We went across to the big school, went on a treasure hunt and even found some gold coins! We played with sparkles and glitter in the water tray and turned the water green. We retold lots of pirate stories in our play. We loved dressing up in all of the different pirate costumes and had great fun chasing our shadows in the sunshine. We really did have a wonderful week and enjoyed being part of the whole school project.



Week 4 24.09.18 Me and My family

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

We will use this story as a springboard to discuss our homes, where we live and who lives with us at our house. The role play area - home corner will be a really big focus this week alongside lots of child initiated and adult led ˜tiger' themed activities. As the children's interests develop we will plan more activities based around their specific interests and update you with weekly 'Learning Intentions' which will be displayed on the nursery door.


We have had another busy week in Monkey class this week. The children have all really settled in well and are making positive relationships with each other and the adults in the room. Key workers are working closely with their key children to identify ways that we can strengthen and deepen current learning and development

We have had great fun sharing the story of 'The tiger who came to tea'. The children have engaged in some really rich role-play activities and took great delight in feeding our tiger. They have been learning to share physical space and resources whilst busily preparing the tiger's tea.





Throughout the year, alongside the ˜story' of the week, we will use the environment and season changes to help us to learn and explore. This term we will begin to notice what happens in autumn and as the season changes we will help the children to observe the changes that are around us. Using the wonderful rich, warm colours of the season we will create giant artwork and collaboration pieces bringing the outdoors in. We will create autumn leaves for our season tree and use lots of natural materials that we find on our walks to create models, pictures and use as a springboard for speaking and listening activities.

Parents as partners

We work closely with you to ensure that your child feels safe and secure with us, we update you on your child's day both verbally and through the tapestry online journal. Please do ensure that you have returned your forms and are ˜active' on your account. If you have any concerns, queries or questions please do speak to myself or your child's keyworker as soon as possible.

Mrs Bolt, Paije and Radha