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Pilgrims Way Primary
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Clownfish Class

We have had a really busy term 4 in Clownfish Class.

After reading the story ‘Lost and Found’ we created a fantastic role play area where the children spent hours engaged in some really rich, dramatic play. We also created our own life size Emporer penguin and measured ourselves against it. The children found it interesting looking at the different types of penguins and loved ordering their own heights against them. We continued to look closely at cold weather by exploring the properties of ice alongside freezing and thawing lots of items.




We had such a brilliant time learning all about Chinese New Year and ‘Dancing Dragons’. A variety of  noodles, rice and spices made for a wonderful sensory exploration area. We explored our creative side making a whole class dragon. At the end of the week we went over to the big school playground and performed a wonderful Chinese dance where we banged the drums, enjoyed shaking our bells and waved our ribbons in the wind. Excitingly,  the big pupils came out of class and clapped and cheered us on. It really was  a lovely week of rich learning opportunities.



We shared the story of Jasper’s Beastalk and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ with the children.They then planted their own beans and conducted some experiments to see what would make the beans grow faster. The children were very excited about growing things so we created a Garden Centre role-play area to encourage them to think about what we would need for our own garden area. The children  loved it! They became so engaged and immersed in the dramatic play. We developed it over a couple of weeks adding and enhancing the learning opportunities. Children learnt lots about gardening but also handled money, used the telephone to take orders and learnt to wait their turn as a customer.                                      




Term 5 Down at the Bottom of The Garden

This term has already been incredibly busy. Following on from the children’s interests we have continued learning about all things growing. The first two weeks we read the story of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. He has really helped the children to learn the days of the week and to think about time and sequencing. As a group we have enjoyed making a class caterpillar which looks amazing. The children explored circles in all forms and even painted a caterpillar using balloons to print with.




Over the last two weeks we have continued learning about life cycles. First, the butterfly, then we looked at how our beans were coming along. Next we talked about how frogs develop through a life cycle. Now we are really focusing on the growing that is happening in our own garden. The children are learning to care for it by watering it regularly with various different pots and containers whilst learning about full, half and empty. They all seem to be enjoying the responsibility and are always excited to see how tall the peas have grown over night.






We are also continuing to learn our numbers and to recognise numbers through a range of fun activities throughout the nursery day. We have also enjoyed exploring with light and shade and used the sun to help us with our number recognition.



We have had lots of fun with phonics this week. The children have been finding letters and sounds in some unusual places. They have even found some in the water tray and created some simple words using their blending and segmenting skills. We have been listening to different sounds in some great speaking and listening activities using out talking tubes.