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Pilgrims Way Primary
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The Curriculum

The Government bought the current National Curriculum in September 2014.

We have decided to take on the National Curriculum as it stands in English, Maths and Science, as these are tested nationally and we would be doing our children a large disservice if we strayed too far away from these National guidelines. The goalposts in most of these subjects have moved slightly, either up or down, and we are already taking this into consideration with our teaching in all schools across these subjects.

Year 6 and Year 2 children will be tested on the national curriculum, in their end of year SATs tests (May 2018). 

The rest of the curriculum has been looked at, by your child’s teachers, in some detail. They have looked at the expectations in the National Curriculum and used these to create some exciting new topics across the 1 or 2 year cycles. We have used some of the children’s ideas, and have taken on board some of the parent's thoughts and suggestions.