Pilgrim's Way

Pilgrims Way Primary
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At Pilgrims’ Way Primary School we want all children to feel that they belong, which is why a uniform is so important. Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct uniform.

For boys:        

  • School sweatshirt/fleece with up to date school logo*
  • White polo shirt (school logo optional*)
  • Black/grey trousers
  • Black shoes
  • Black or grey socks

For girls:         

  • School sweatshirt/fleece with school logo or school cardigan with up to date school logo *
  • White polo shirt (school logo optional*)
  • Black/grey skirt or black/grey trousers
  • Black shoes
  • Plain black tights or white socks
  • Red and white gingham print dress (summer only)

Skirts, dresses and shorts must be of appropriate length.

PE kit:            

  • School t-shirt in house colour *
  • Plain black shorts*
  • Plain black plimsolls
  • Trainers
  • Football boots (optional)
  • Plain tracksuit
  • PE bag* 

 *These uniform items with the school logo are available from the school office

Helen the FLO currently has a small selection of second-hand uniform for sale in school (if anyone wishes to donate any spare uniform that they no longer use then this will be gratefully received).

Children will need a school bag, which should be of an appropriate size.  School book bags are available from the school office.

Hair should be neat and tidy and kept out of eyes.  Long hair should be tied back for PE/Games.

Children are not allowed to wear nail varnish, make up or any jewellery. 

Children may wear one pair of small ear studs, which must be removed, by the child, for all PE and cookery activities.  On PE and cooking days please do not send children to school with ear studs in, as staff are not permitted to take them out and your child will not be able to participate with them in.

It is essential that all items of clothing brought to school are marked with your child’s name, including the items which are not brought in every day


Parents are asked to ensure that their children wear sensible shoes or sandals to school and not fashion shoes or trainers.

Children should not come to school in make-up, nail varnish or jewellery.  Ear studs but not earrings may be worn.  For safety reasons we ask that longer hair should be tied back neatly for any physical activity and ear studs removed.

Parents are asked to mark all items of clothing and other property clearly with the name of the owner.